Lars Larson: PGE asks you to limit AC in heat wave

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Well-run, first world countries know how to keep the power turned on.

America these days, not so much.

The weatherman predicts very hot weather the next few days and what do major utilities do?

Well, Portland General tells customers to cut power use dramatically using the threat that if we don’t, the electric grid may just fail.

PGE literally tells folks to set their air conditioning to 78 degrees and turn off everything you can in your house, even the unused “wall wart” that charges your phone.

Lock that in your memory for times ahead when progressive politicians demand we switch to electric cars, electric appliances, electric heat and hot water.

If the grid can’t handle a few days of 100 plus weather, where will we sit in just a few years when:

More fossil power plants get shut down…and that’s scheduled already.

Greens reject nuclear and natural gas.

And the region responds to Tina Kotek and Jay Inslee demanding we all ditch our gas cars for electrics?

Ironically enough, some government agencies are now using your tax dollars to buy air conditioners for the poor people, who will then be told NOT to use the AC when it’s hot…because other government agencies have worked to shut down the power plants that produce the juice that makes em run.

But fear not, 70 percent of the world’s air conditioners are made in China, so Joe Biden’s buddies in Beijing make big bucks…

You guessed it? You’ll be swimming in sweat in your living room, your battery buggy a brick in the driveway, eating cold food and that’s only if your fridge still works.

Meanwhile, China opens a new coal electric plant once a week and Joe promises his buddies in Beijing we will buy every solar panel and windmill they make with that abundant fossil power.