Disney brings prostitutes, profanity, cop killing to kids’ Star Wars

By Jason Williams
Williams is a cultural commentator and founder of the Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Disney is selling sex and violence to young kids as a gimmick to prop up its money losing Star Wars franchise (see bottom panel for Star Wars’ abysmal performance).   Star Wars has been a family friendly franchise for 40 years, with 300 films/shows.  Not anymore.  Disney needs more money so they’re selling the shows reputation to boost sales.  Instead of Disney creating a new science fiction show with adult material for adults, they’re reworking kids’ shows to make it happen.


The recent Star Wars TV series, Andor, breaks the adult barrier in four different ways.


#1. Andor begins by featuring the first inter-galactic brothel.



#2. Andor became the first Star Wars show to showcase one-night-stands.


(When Kathleen Kennedy promised more female Star Wars characters we assumed they meant ones with their clothes on.   We were wrong.)


#3. Andor also became the first Star Wars show to feature profanity.



#4. Worst of all, the show featured the hero, Cassian Andor, executing a police officer who was begging not to be killed.  It is complicated scene to explain.   Andor is being confronted by two local law enforcement officers who appear to try to steal from Andor. Fearing discovery, Andor reacts and in the melee one of the cops gets accidentally killed. The other officer is on his knees and puts his hands together and pleads for his life.  The officer begins to give Andor an excuse not to kill him. The officer says it was all a misunderstanding and that he can forget all about the accident.  Andor decides to kill him.



Rarely in cinema history have I seen the hero kill someone begging for their life to be spared, much less a police officer.   This is not the evil Imperial army but a local city law enforcement officer.  There is no remorse or later character arc for the hero to redeem himself to let viewers know that this scene wasn’t a senseless execution.   The scene stands as a justification to kill people begging for mercy.  This is a truly horrific thing to show to young kids.

There were 231 officers killed in the line of duty in 2022.

Here are a few to let you know they were real people:


As stated, since 1977 there have been over 300 Star Wars films and TV episode spin-offs. They have existed without brothels, one-night stands, profanity and cop killing.  To take a 40-year kid friendly show and begin to sex it up for adults is perverse and irresponsible. Disney is still selling Star Wars themed diapers, toys and pajamas to the youngest of our kids. This show is streamed on Disney+ where every 8-year old boy will still watch it (regardless of parental limits).

If Disney wishes to create an adult-themed sci-fi series, then they should create something new.   There is probably a thousand untouched Hollywood scripts and existing sci-fi novels they could tap into.   They don’t because they don’t care.  They don’t care about our children.  They are willing to use sex and violence gimmicks targeted to 8-year old kids to better sell subscriptions.

NOT ISOLATED TO STAR WARS:  Disney has also dumped profanity, one-night-stands and abuse of law enforcement to kids’ Marvel superhero shows.  In the Disney super-hero show, She-Hulk, the hero has three one-night stands over five episodes.  Once again, women in Disney kids’ shows are depicted as shallow sexual stereotypes, read more here: New Disney superhero twerks, F-bombs, lampoons virgins. In Guardians of the Galaxy, the superhero, Starlord, shoots a law enforcement officer who was already on the ground and injured.  Remember, we are only talking about kids’ shows with 8-year old audiences.  Adult themes should be for adult shows.

STAR WARS LOSING MONEY:  Ever since Disney purchased and launched Star Wars, all of their key Star Wars films have made less money than the one before. Star Wars spin-off films, like Solo, even failed to make a basic profit in theaters. While vintage Star Wars merchandise still sells, newer Disney created Star Wars merchandise based on the new characters has mostly vanished from shelves.  Kids are not buying it.  Disney spent a billion dollars creating a Star Wars themed land in their two parks only to see attendance fall below projections. The newly released Star Wars hotel, costing $600 per person, has been a failure.  They are even closing the hotel for extended periods of time. This is a terrible sign that their franchise is quickly bleeding money and fading away. You simply cannot truly understand the sick motivations behind the show until you realize how financially desperate Disney has become and their willingness to hawk adult material to kids to get attention.

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