9 tax bills to watch in the Oregon Legislature

Nine tax bills to watch in the Oregon Legislature.
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


– Income Tax Increase (HB 2544)
– Property Tax Increase (SJR 9)
– Homes Sales Tax (Hb2518)
– Regional Government Tax (HB 2534)
– Payroll Tax (HB 3630)
– Tourism Tax Expansion (SB 542)
– Kicker Tax Refund Raid (HB 2221)
– Tobacco Tax Increase (HB 2231)
– Soda Tax (HB 2644)
– Car Rental Tax (HB 2545)
– Reduces Income Tax credits (HB 2567)

Even though Oregon governor Kitzhaber has proposed a budget without major tax increases there are plenty of tax increases on the table.  They can be pulled out or amended at any moment.  With much of the worst taxes of the 2009 Oregon Legislative Session coming out during the final few weeks of the Legislature means that tax bills may surface during the fastest part of their schedule.   Some of these bills listed may be the foundation of a tax that is much worse than what is proposed.