You live in property tax hell (as big biz get lavish breaks)

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

• CNBC is reporting that in 2022, Portland had the 5th highest effective property tax rate in the U.S.  — almost double the median effective tax rate in the nation.  Portland’s rate on a median-value home was 2.59% while the national average was 1.3%.

• Those Oregon rural landowners that own property in forest and grazing land will be witnessing a property tax increase.

• Most Oregon counties raised local property taxes in the past year.

This is what we call living in property tax hell.

At the same time, last year, Google’s massive data center in Oregon just ended their 15-year special exemption from paying property taxes that you and I have to pay.   Google was able to save a quarter billion in taxes with the special tax breaks they received. Here is an analysis by The Oregonian  of who gets property tax breaks.

When Intel received a property tax breaks they helped create jobs and became one of Oregon’s largest private employers.   Those newly created Intel employees pay income taxes which help add revenue back into the system.  This is the opposite of the data centers listed above which hire very few employees because they are in effect giant digital warehouses for internet/data storage (it is where all your Facebook selfies and cat videos are stored).   These data centers consume huge amounts of energy and water resources to run, which can create scarcities and drive up electricity/water costs.

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