Second-hand crack smoke is now a problem

(video pic from ABC-7)
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Our office was at a breakfast meeting where the random subject came up of employees being effected by second-hand drug smoke on their way to work.   One man complained that his associate was exposed to it just outside their building.   She became disorientated and quickly fell ill.   He then took the issue to the building manager to press the building security guard to sweep the whole block every morning of the homeless squatters who were doing drugs.   Having private security move trespassing drug addicts off a city block is extremely difficult as they have little resources, little manpower and police are often unable to help.

A second person at our meeting, who works at one of Oregon’s largest law firms, also shared a similar story showing that their employees also are feeling sick and feeling harassed by the toxic drug environment being produced by open drug use.   For this law firm their employees feel it most from using public transit.    The photo above shows one example from San Fransisco’s BART transit system that made the local news and represents how many addicts use their drugs sitting next to people.

Although the subject of second-hand contact highs is still undefined and unstudied, many warn it is a serious problem.   It can be more complicated knowing that street drugs can be combination of various toxic and poisonous substances not traditionally found in common drugs.   Oregon has decriminalized so many drugs and produced so many addicts that the State itself is a massive experiment of unknown chemical concoctions.

Furthermore, Oregon health law prohibits smoking within 10 feet of a building entrance.  Homeless are allowed to violate this rule.   Also homeless are allowed to block sidewalks for disabled people.

These are more liberal double standards — and this latest one comes at the health of the public.

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