45% of your 2022 income taxes to be refunded (Kicker)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The State of Oregon continues to be flooded with over-collected tax revenue, now to the tune of over $5.6 billion.

Thanks to Oregon’s Constitutional Kicker law this will be returned to the taxpayers that overpaid.

The kicker amount for Oregon taxpayers will be around 45% of what they paid in state income taxes i(using 2022 as the benchmark).   Oregonians are expected to cash in on this refund when they fill their taxes next year.

The average amount of refund Oregonians will get is between $900 and $1,600 by different estimates.

Remember, the Taxpayers Association of Oregon did a statewide phone/email campaign (see also House campaign) to oppose both Kicker bills in the Legislature this year.   If you value our work to save your Kicker Tax Refund then please consider supporting the Taxpayers Association or supporting this website which helps broadcast these alerts statewide.

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