Lars Larson: Debunking Biden fibs

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

I give Joe Biden this: He gaslights better than any politician I know.

August just saw more illegal aliens caught at the border in a single month than at any time in American history. And that’s saying something for a President who has allowed 9 million illegals in.

Yet the White House spokeswoman for Joe insists NO ONE has done more to control the border than Biden.

Now, that’s some gas lighting.

Kamala Harris, who’s apparently willing to say just about anything she’s told to, just this week thanked her boss…

Here’s the quote, “I want to thank, of course, our nation’s champion, President Biden, for… lowering costs for working families in every way.”

You must be dumb as a bag of hammers to ignore what’s REALLY happening.

Consumer prices skyrocketed 17 percent in Joe’s two years. Gas prices pumped up 50% from when he took office.

Home mortgage rates, they’re up more than 100 percent. Say goodbye to that refi even if you own a home…and if you don’t, good luck qualifying to buy.

But just this week, Joe said with a straight face “Bidenomics is restoring the American dream”.

That may be true, but only if the author of YOUR dream is Steven King