The $3 tomato and what it means

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Article recommendation:  The Willamette Week has a fascinating article called “Attack of the $3 tomato” and it says it a lot about the state of farmers in Oregon. The article mentions that as farm are declining in America, we are witnessing a surprising 10% rise in local farmers markets. The word “local” is now more important than “organic”. Even in this historic price challenging times (as in $3 tomatoes) people are willing to support their local farmers. This is why people are willing to spend $14.00/pound for steak if it is “local” compared to $7.50 at Safeway as the article notes.

Good article, more to read.

Here is how consumers started their year with inflation (Time):


Although Oregonians are willing to spend more to support local farmers, it doesn’t mean that many farmers and grocers can survive.  Take for instance, Green Zebra, a local grocer chain that closed this year.   Such grocers may survive high price inflation but they cannot survive sky-high labor costs and sky-high taxes that Oregon politicians inflict on them.

Just as a reminder, here is the liquidation announcement for that once-heralded local grocery store chain that went bankrupt, to remind us all that these economic consequences are real.

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