Liberal laws, taxes kills liberal grocery chain

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The super progressive grocery stores, Green Zebra, has closed all three of their locations.

The store was designed to be a liberal experiment as they “sought to redefine what it means to be a convenience store”.

They boasted that they were “increasing their internal minimum wage seven times in their 10 year history”, now sadly, no one has jobs.

Green Zebra cited “economic” challenges.

Here are some of those challenges:

• Portland has the 2nd highest combined state and local income rate in America.  Oregon’s liberal taxes killed their profits and zapped their customers’ available funds.

• Oregon’s heavy handed red-tape regulations (nation’s 6th worst) and employee benefit laws that do not exits in most states, made it harder to operate a grocery store.

• An extended labor shortage for which Oregon continued to pay some more benefits to NOT work than to work (when other states moved on from those benefits).

• Portland’s crime wave caused by police de-funding and mass dropping of police cases by the super-liberal Multnomah District Attorney.

• Keeping Oregon shut down and restricted during the pandemic nearly a year longer than other states.

We want liberal customers in Portland to have a liberal grocery store — but their liberal laws won’t allow it.  Only large grocery chains, that can economy of scale to their advantage, can survive in such a high tax and heavy red-tape environment.

Here is the face of high taxes and liberalism in Portland:

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