NIKE NE store, symbol of hope, closes over crime

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Nike community store on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in the heart of urban Portland was symbol of hope and inspiration in a hard hit area of Portland when it was built in the 1980s.  This single store, helped boost the presence and economic vitality of an entire neighborhood that lacked investment.  Now it is closing for good

Portland’s de-funded police and the ensuing crime wave hit hard, causing shoplifting nearly on a daily basis.  NIKE tried to hire off-duty police, but none were available due to the police defunding.  Hiring more security guards was not enough because they do not have the power to make arrests.

Additionally, the 140 straight days of Portland rioting brought lots of vandalism to the store and neighborhood.   As seen in the photo above, sometimes the entire front of the store had to be covered in 10-foot high plywood.

News reports say that since the NIKE store has been shuttered this year, that foot traffic is down and other small businesses are suffering.   This shows the domino effect that crime-induced business closures have on a community.

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