Disney touts politics, socialism in new kids film

By Jason Williams
Williams is a culture commentator and founder of the Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The latest Disney Marvel super-hero film is out, Ant Man 3, and it includes a lot of politics for a children’s super-hero movie.

#1. Socialism mention: Ant Man’s father points to the productivity of ants and says “I know socialism is a charged word but you can learn a lot from these [ants]…”

#2. Liberal activism: Ant Man’s daughter in the film was arrested and jailed for protesting over the city cleaning up illegal homeless camps.

#3. Liberal politics: Ant Man’s sister is involved with politics in the film. The actress, Evangeline Lilly, describes the super hero character as “trying to do right in the world and fix issues that are massive, like global warming” 

#4. Liberal messages: In the Ant Man film, the formerly jailed liberal protester (Ant Man’s daughter) leads a crowd by charging the villains and yelling “revolution!” and “burn it all down!” just like anarchists did during the past three years of riots in America.  In case you forgot, here below are some “burn it all down” Leftist signs shown in Portland just nine months ago and taken from … would you guess… a Portland Socialist rally. (we’re not making this up folks!)


#5. BONUS: Off-screen activism.  Ant Man actor, Paul Rudd, is a heavy political fundraiser for liberal candidates and has campaigned for Senate candidate John Fetterman  and did a vote campaign video promo with former Democrat Presidential candidate Pete Butigieg.



That is a lot of politics for a film targeted to 13 year old kids!


That is also a lot of political scenes for which they are not related to the plot at all.

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