Lars Larson: About that inflation uptick

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Too many Americans expect and accept the lies of politicians.

They make me angry.

We’re learning that the rate of inflation has accelerated again.

This as the President runs around bragging about Bidenomics.

If I had Biden’s record, I’d be hiding my head.

In his tenure and because of his actions on energy, inflation has chewed up 17 percent of our paychecks.

Unless you’ve had double digit pay raises, you have less in your pocket than you did when Joe took the oath of office.

And remember what Biden told us in July, more than two years ago.

“Some folks have raised worries that this could be persistent inflation. The data shows that most of the price increases were expected and temporary”.

That’s a direct quote. At the time he told that lie, gasoline had already jumped from 2-39 a gallon, the day he took office, to 3-23…84 cents or more than 30 percent in 6 months.

It peaked a year later at 5-02 a gallon…more than double the price Joe inherited from Donald Trump…but a direct result of Biden’s promise to put oil companies out of business.

It was also 8 months before the Ukraine war, which Biden blames for gas prices.

It dropped for a time, but in July this year gas prices rose 10 and a half percent…and this morning, economists say inflation has accelerated again.

I wonder what new lies Joe plans to offer up this time.