We defend free speech rights for AOC and RFK jr.

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


A better test of free speech is how much you are willing to defend the rights of people you strongly disagree with.

Congresswoman AOC held an outdoor press conference in New York and was shouted down by angry protesters and multiple bullhorns to the point of the Congresswoman being unable to be heard.   When Fox News interviewed one protester he said, “She shouldn’t even be allowed to walk the streets of New York.”   That is so wrong.

We in Oregon, have experienced the very same thing where Antifa/anarchists used bullhorns to try to shout down a Trump rally and a free public religious event at the Waterfront Park.   So, Oregon media, you can see us as a fiscal conservative organization coming to the defense of free speech in this article, you too, can come to the defense of free speech of people you possibly disfavor, such as journalists Andy Ngo and Andrew Duncomb who were both hospitalized for courageously reporting on the Portland riots.

Also recently, Democrat Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr., has experienced two possible assassination threats from two different armed men on two different occasions.   Kennedy requested secret service protection that is awarded to presidential candidates but was denied last July by the Biden administration.  Because liberals and the media hate this independent candidate so much, they will find it too easy to ignore this issue and just hope it goes away.  We urge both Democrats and Republicans to put the pressure on to get this candidate the full security protection he needs.

There is no free speech if you are not safe.

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