Lars Larson on Oregon’s DHS failures becoming a national story

Well, it’s about time that Oregon’s failures at DHS have become a national story.

We talked about the story earlier this week. A little boy, two years old, about to be sent back to Mexico, effectively deported by Oregon’s Department of Human Services. And why? Well, because he’s two and he can’t stand up and speak for himself.

Number two, his father has had parental rights terminated. Why? Because he is an illegal alien, a convicted pedophile, a drug dealer and a bunch of other bad things.

Three, his mom’s on the run from the cops. So, DHS in its infinite state-sponsored wisdom says, “We better take this kid away from the foster family that’s been caring for him his entire 2 year old life. We’ll send him back to Grandma in Mexico who he has never met, to a country he doesn’t belong in, in a language he doesn’t speak.”

It’s now become a national story. FOX News has picked it up. Glad to see it happen. DHS should be ashamed and maybe if they are ashamed enough they’ll knock this stuff off.