Lars Larson on Oregon’s DHS failures becoming a national story

Well, it’s about time that Oregon’s failures at DHS have become a national story.

We talked about the story earlier this week. A little boy, two years old, about to be sent back to Mexico, effectively deported by Oregon’s Department of Human Services. And why? Well, because he’s two and he can’t stand up and speak for himself.

Number two, his father has had parental rights terminated. Why? Because he is an illegal alien, a convicted pedophile, a drug dealer and a bunch of other bad things.

Three, his mom’s on the run from the cops. So, DHS in its infinite state-sponsored wisdom says, “We better take this kid away from the foster family that’s been caring for him his entire 2 year old life. We’ll send him back to Grandma in Mexico who he has never met, to a country he doesn’t belong in, in a language he doesn’t speak.”

It’s now become a national story. FOX News has picked it up. Glad to see it happen. DHS should be ashamed and maybe if they are ashamed enough they’ll knock this stuff off.


    Our Oregon politicians who made laws that force DHS to make such decisions are the one to blame. When you elect socialistic elites to run your state, you get socialistic laws that govern you.

    I think we can all remember many horror stories involving DHS……..heck, remember those 2 poor girls killed a few years ago. Just because some is a biological parent doesn’t mean they are a good parent .

    Thousands of Oregon kids are given back to their abusive loser parents by DHS………..where’s the public out cry for them?

  • Gienie

    Where are the parents? Are they locked up in our prison systems~ where tax payers are flipping the bill? Are they in the process of being deported?


      I think they said that the father was a perverted, drug dealer who is illegally in this country………..if he still is.

      The mother is on the run from the cops for undisclosed crimes, they didn’t mention whether she was illegal or not but I’ll make the assumption.

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess.

    The Grandmother is the parent of the father. So by shipping the child to Mexico you will likely be shipping him to a family with a history of child abuse.


      It’s what the Oregon DHS does all the time, the only difference this time is they are shipping the child to another country instead of the same state.

      It’s ironic that people are up in arms about a child who’s family members are foriegn nationals but they don’t say a word when we do it to our own kids.

      It’s mind boggling!

  • Gienie

    It bothers me how the media sets out to define the problem. The real issue is that no matter what the situation…these people are here illegally! They came here for a reason…do we know why? In order to fix that problem we have to look at the root cause and resolve that first. We’re already helping other countries in the world build their economic bases, why not move into mexico too?


      With their oil revenue and natural resources Mexico ranks as one of the wealthiest 3rd world countries. Unfortunately their mega corrupt government concentrates the majority of it’s riches to a very small group leaving the majority in object pverty.

      Short of organizing a revolution (we’d need to secure our borders first) there isn’t much we can do, on top of that, have you noticed our national debt? It got that way from us trying to nation build everywhere and getting nothing back for our investment.

      In 1998 Pres. Clinton used a 30 billion dollar fund designed to prop up our dollars during bad economic times to forgive a debt coming due from Mexico. Once he bailed them out they went right back to accumulating more debt…………..eventually we’ll bail them out again.

      Unfortunately Gienie we do try to help them out but like most other corrupt 3rd world countries our resources go into the hands of their corrupt leaders.

      • CRAWDUDE

        Oops, abject poverty…..

  • Sybella

    It isn’t only the childen of illegal aliens. The state does not and can not be a parent to the children. The state has created a lot of the problems because they insist people aren’t smart enough to take care of themselves. They are so busy handing out care and welfare to people, they don’t know how to care for themselves, nor their children. These problems all go pretty deep, and you can bet your bottom dollar, they won’t do a thing about it.

  • Singlemom

    I think everyone’s getting a little off track. DHS is messed up, we agree on that. It isn’t about whether the child is a from American born parents or not, it’s about the child, period. This is what people forget and stop using common sense. The child is with foster parents that wish to adopt him. Most foster parents are in it for the cash, not the child. Common sense tells you, let the child stay with people who care about him rather than send him to the disfunctional home of his father’s mother, this country or not. Everyone needs to get off of their high horses and start using some common sense. The child is in a caring, healthy environment. Leave him there to live a productive life with the only parents he’s ever known. How could that make less sense than shipping him off to strangers?

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