On brink of shutdown, Oregon Rep. pushes national Music Day?

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Congress is on the edge of a government shutdown, inflation just began to take a u-turn and veered  upwards last week, and we have a border crisis so severe that even the New York mayor said this month is could destroy his city.

Meantime, our local Congressman is working on an official Public Radio Music Day commemoration.

This was noted by the great writer, William MacKenzie, saying, “Oregon’s man in Washington, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) ,joined with three other House members last week to introduce a resolution (H.R.689)  marking October 25, 2023, as Public Radio Music Day.  Apparently, Rep. Blumenauer wasn’t able to gin up much interest from his Oregon House colleagues. Nine other members signed on as original cosponsors, but none were from Oregon.”

Since taxpayers pay taxes to pay $300 million in grants to Public Radio and TV, it seams that everyday is Public Radio day.

I think Blumenauer is out of tune with the time he living in.

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