Tributes roll in for Lars Larson’s big 20th

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

This month, Lars Larson celebrated 20 years in syndication. We called some friends to share their thoughts.

“Lars has positively impacted the cause of common sense and liberty more than any of us can truly understand. This guy taught me how to be a talk show host”
Hon. Jeff Kropf,
Radio Host KSLM,

Former State Representative,
Founder Oregon Capitol Watch

“During the pivotal years when landowners were fighting for property rights with measure 7, 37 and 39, Lars Larson was always there as a critical voice for our efforts where in the end landowner rights won big”
Dave Hunnicutt
Oregon Property Owners Association

“In 2006, the Taxpayers Association of Oregon worked to put a spending limit ballot measure on the ballot. Lars helped by broadcasting from a parking lot on a busy street so he could tell people to swing by and sign the petition.  People came by in droves and gave us the boost we needed as we were able to to make the ballot.  This was an example, among thousands, on how Lars comes to the rescue of people, ideas and campaigns and helps them cross the finish line.”
Jason Williams,
Founder, Taxpayers Association of Oregon

“Lars has played a critical role in exposing government hypocrisy and corruption.  I have always been impressed that he digs deep into the issues.  He is credited with exposing corruption in the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) boondoggle and his reporting led to the demise of the project. “
Lindsay Berschuar
Yamhill County Commissioner

“I have been friends with Lars since 1976, when we worked for KPNW radio in Eugene, then KVAL TV.  I was working in the Lane County DA’s Office then and it’s interesting to note Lars had a full 20 year career as an anchorman BEFORE he started his talk show. Lars has been the one consistent voice for those who political parties don’t regard as sacrosanct.”
Josh Marquis
Former District Attorney

“Lars has been a strong and unwavering voice for liberty loving conservatives in the Pacific Northwest for the past 20 years. He has been a true friend and compatriot to me.”
Hon. Dennis Linthicum
Oregon State Senator

“He is always willing to mix it up in order to find the truth of the matter. I appreciate his longevity of keeping the voice of conservatism alive in the Pacific Northwest.”
Hon. E. Werner Reschke
Oregon State Representative

“Lars has been a good friend for agriculture and the whole natural resource industry”
Matt Cyrus, President
Oregon Family Farm Association

“Lars has been a clear and loud voice for our Oregon!  We were in sync much of the time, and when we weren’t (and even when we were), we all heard about it!”
Hon. Bill Kennemer
Former State Senator

“Lars Larson has earned the respect of over a million followers by having the courage to tell the truth even when it goes against popular opinion.”
T.J. Reilly, President
Oregon Small Business Association

“Thank you, Lars, for being a strong voice for all parents, and their rights to direct the education of their children.”
Suzanne Gallagher
National Executive Director
Parents’ Rights in Education

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