Lars Larson: Gov’t undermining law & order have hit their target

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Violent crime and theft have grown so much in downtown Portland and Seattle that retail giant Target plans to close five of its stores less than a month from now.

I haven’t heard anything yet from Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell. Portland Mayor Feckless Ted Wheeler has already announced he’s not running for re-election so he’s in autopilot short timer mode.

Feckless had one of his staffers put out a plain vanilla statement where he calls the loss of three major retail stores from his downtown “disheartening” and offers up the lie that “we remain committed to ensuring business (is) successful in every way we can”.

I call that a lie because Ted Wheeler voted to defund police.

The Chief serves at his pleasure.

He sets rules of engagement and calls the shots.

Last year on the fourth of July, rioters targeted one of the downtown Target stores slated for closure. They broke out nearly all of the windows. They also vandalized customer cars.

Police were not in evidence. No arrests made. No prosecutions.

Thugs regularly steal from Target with no consequences from cops and prosecutors

Now, that store will close…along with two more in Portland, two in Seattle.

More than half the stores set to close nationwide…are in just two lawless cities.

Yet, Feckless Ted says he’s doing everything he can to make them successful and Seattle’s Mayor has no comment at all.

If Hollywood does another Mad Max movie, I know where they can shoot it.