People dressed as trees part of (sabotaged) museum protest

Photo: Riot at night hits museum, civil daytime protester wears tree outfit
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

There was a protest outside the World Forestry Center and the Discovery Museum in protest of a forest conference.   There were people waving salmon kites and at least one person who dressed as a tree.

Like many protest in Portland, there was a daylight traditional civil protest followed soon after (or preceded) by a nighttime riot.

The nighttime protest included rioters smashing as many windows as many as they could find across two different buildings.

Here is the second building where they wrecked all of the windows.


Part of the protest declared “No one owns the forest!” in their opposition to private ownership of forests (even though these private forests are managed healthier than government forests, generate more revenue and are less likely to be destroyed by wildfires because — as we said — they are managed better).



Another claim by the rioters was that “Property is theft” .



“Property is Theft” is interpreted as demonizing private property ownership of land with any natural resource connection.

Despite very extreme politics surrounding this protest (“timber blood”) we can only afford the best of intentions for the daytime protesters, even tree-man, when they peacefully protest  — but it is predictable, as proven in Portland for years, that political violence and destruction follows soon after such protest and it did occur later that night.

The best people who can stop it are these daytime environmental protesters who can condemn such activities and work against using sabotage as a political tool.  Your help is needed because too many environmentalists are engaging in vandalism and sabotage.

Here is an example of a 2022 Portland environmental student protest where one called to “burn politicians” with a symbol of a dead politician on fire.


Here is an example where two different non-profit organization offices were vandalized by environmental extremists.



Last year in SweetHome



Here was Portland last year.


Environmental-themed vandalism can be found on the streets of Portland.

Environmentalist need to condemn and work to stop political violence and destruction.

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