Kotek opposes Salem Wage Tax (she has to pay)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Salme passed a hefty Wage Tax on workers, and the people (including us) help gather signatures to force the tax up for a public vote.  The campaign was heroically spearheaded by Oregon Business and Industry, and now Salem voters have a chance to vote it down this November.

Surprise!  The Governor who works in Salem, is considered a Salem worker, and would have to pay this tax.

Kotek is indicating that she opposes this tax.

The Salem Reporter states, “[Kotek] expects to vote against the city’s proposed payroll tax….Kotek, who makes $98,600, could end up paying close to $800 annually…“I am sympathetic to the needs of the city of Salem,” Kotek said. “I think it needed more conversation about how it would be implemented. We obviously have a lot of employees from a human resources perspective and we would be involved in having to manage that kind of tax.”

People who live outside Salem and work in Salem would have to pay the tax.   They do not even have a say or vote on their own taxation.

There is mass confusion on how to split up one’s taxable wages if you work both inside and outside Salem, because Salem can’t tax you for work outside of City limits.

Multnomah County taxpayers saw two huge different local income taxes raised during the pandemic, and then (surprise) the County lost $2 billion in tax revenue as people began fleeing the County.