Anarchists fail to stop Portland Christian event

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A group called United Revival held a huge rally of over a thousand people in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square.   It was a very diverse crowd who sang worship songs for hours, marched and prayed for healing for Portland and prayers against drug addiction, suicide, poverty, depression and crime.

Anarchists and Antifa were there in fully dressed black outfits and black masks.  They chanted “F**k off Christian fascists!”, “All cops are bastards” and other obscenities at the attendees.   The flags among attendees were “Jesus is King” and “Jesus saves” and the flag among the anarchists were “God is Gay” and Communist flags.

A glimpse of the event from the hosts of the event.

A glimpse of the protestors.


In 2021, anarchist were able to stop an outdoor religious event in Portland, by macing the people on stage and pulling down the speakers (2021 article).

Image from 2021 event Waterfront Park event.