Some local liberals support Hamas attacks on Israel tacitly

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Andy Ngo discovered and posted on his Twitter site these local Tweets (#1, #2) in direct response to the Hamas attack upon Israel.

The Portland Democrat Socialist of America issued this Tweet below.  It was similar to their New York Socialist partners’ statement according to Fox News.


Also, an Oregon Leftist activist, who has been previously arrested for rioting in Portland, issued this Tweet right after the attack.



Many people have different views on the Mid-East conflict and on trying to support Palestinian causes, but sending 1,000 rockets to rain indiscriminately on civilians and kidnapping/executing hundreds of innocent people is terrorism and warfare as measured by history’s worst regimes.   This Leftist justification is why so many rioters in Oregon felt justified in setting courts on fire, firebombing police officers and sending journalists to the hospital.

Last year, the Taxpayers Association of Oregon documented a Portland Socialist rally where both speakers and crowd attendees called for burning things down.

It must be noted that the attacks were clearly condemned by other liberals in Oregon such as Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Earl Bluemnauer.