Rep. Javadi: Statement on Middle East violence

Representative Cryus Javadi’s Statement on Recent Violence in the Middle East
By Oregon State Representative Cyrus Javadi,

TILLAMOOK, Ore. – Representative Cyrus Javadi released the following statement about the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza:

“As someone who comes from a Jewish family and as a public servant representing the people of Oregon’s 32nd District, I find it necessary to speak out against the recent acts of violence perpetrated by the terrorist group Hamas. These actions are not just an attack on Israel but also a direct assault on the values of peace, security, and the sanctity of human life.

“I firmly stand with Israel, our democratic ally, in defending its citizens against acts of terror. Israel has every right to protect its people and ensure their safety. Its responses to these acts are not only justifiable but also indispensable for maintaining stability in the region.

“However, it is crucial to make a distinction between the actions of terrorist groups and the innocent Palestinians who are often caught in the crossfire. My heart goes out to the Palestinian civilians who are suffering due to the actions of Hamas. They, too, deserve a life free from terror and hardship.

“I call on my colleagues, constituents, and all peace-loving individuals to join me in condemning these acts of terror, supporting Israel’s right to self-defense, and advocating for the well-being of innocent Palestinians. Only through dialogue, mutual respect, and a rejection of extremist views can we hope to achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East.

“I urge the international community to come together to find a sustainable solution that guarantees the safety and dignity of all parties involved. Let us not allow the actions of a few to define an entire community or derail the possibilities for peace and coexistence.”