Lars Larson: More sleazy Kitzhaber ‘document dumps’ over holidays


by Lars Larson

Sleazy politicians use holiday document dumps to get embarrassing information out of the way. So no surprise that administration of Governor John Kitzhaber chose the Christmas and New Year’s holidays to release information about his girlfriend’s illegal misuse of public resources.

Emails released the day before New Year’s Eve show new details of Cylvia Hayes use of Oregon government staffers to empty her cat’s litter box and book hotel rooms and airline flights. Hayes used her private company, based inside the Governor’s office, to earn tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees. Hayes has asked the governor’s staffers to call the airlines and delay a connecting flight and when that didn’t happen, used the governor’s to complain to the airline and demand a hotel room for Hayes.

These are the same kind of illegal activities that have the former governor of Virginia and his wife headed to prison for years. The Eugene Register Guard newspaper has called for a special prosecutor to look into Kitzhaber and Hayes.

In the meantime, Kitzhaber is out of big holidays to use for new document dumps.

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  • Bob Clark

    One silver lining is Kitzhaber can’t run again in four years because of consecutive two term term limit. Otherwise, this joker would probably get continually re-elected until he died of natural causes in office eventually.

    Another bad twist is we maybe have twelve years, what with Wheeler next up, before the real kooks could get hold of the Governor office reins and unsettle the current state arrangement where big exporters collaborate with public employee union led government to make sort of this economy which is much like that of an aggregate state owned company. When and if the kooks get the big house, then the state will try taking over the means of production because they don’t acknowledge their own limits of effectiveness.

    I guess we have to count our blessings, and hope Kitzhaber and Courtney don’t succumb to the real kooks, like the Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives and the Secretary of State.

    • Eric Blair

      ” When and if the kooks get the big house, then the state will try taking
      over the means of production because they don’t acknowledge their own
      limits of effectiveness.”

      Do you ever get disheartened or upset when no one has seriously attempted to foment a communist revolution? At some point, you’ve got to wonder if you’re being just a wee big hyperbolic and paranoid.

  • guest

    Alas, Oregon’s electorate failed to veto Kitzhaber and poll Pot. That says a lot – leaving ever so many feeling unceremoniously wasted.
    Resonance: Nuts to the left wing glib-rats pervading our state and their tax-and-defend PERS anomalies
    Rx: Out, out, DEMatalogical stock: Take you actz to Cuba and kiss the revolutionary morasses there.
    Oregon was ‘stating’ along quite fine until y’all dung upon he shoring’s lodged by ‘revered’ Tom McCall – renown for his declaration “visit but don’t stay:”
    Trans, in common sense: the dysfunctional virus you carrion makes private sector lemmings drops off our coastal cliffs seemingly insignificant,; That is until your swell-swill tidings recede as witnessed throughout Mother Earth’s history.
    An that’s the way it and continues to reappear, blokes!

  • Sasha

    I see nothing wrong with state staffers helping out the first lady with problems she might have regarding her cat litter or any other issue. That is why they have jobs…to do what the governor wants…they are lucky to be employed.

    • stopcronycapitalism

      So, you have no problem with the continued practice of anyone working for this governor having to eat crap so to speak or lose their job. A few short lived agency administrator types apparently weren’t willing to sacrifice their ethics in order to cow tow to the governor and his crook of a roommate.

    • Granola girl

      Sasha, it’s called conflict of interest and it is illegal! You really need to read the article and check out the facts. Also, she is NOT first lady, they are NOT married.

      • Sasha

        Apparently she is because he says she is and everyone seems to agree with him.

        • Granola girl

          OMG do you believe everything that anyone says??!!! The moon is made of cheese!

    • NAFTA Refugee

      What laws do I get to ignore Sasha? The Democrats have made it clear the laws don’t apply to them. Ergo, the laws don’t apply anyone.

    • Eric Blair

      LOL.. this is just too good. Evidently the only people who don’t understand that you’re being satirical (and bad satire at that) are conservatives. I’m beginning to believe that most of them truly don’t have a sense of humor.

      • .

        O U poop sure jackass h*ll U!

  • stopcronycapitalism

    So, when do we get to see this unethical little duo either pay back the taxpayers for all the $ and services they have stolen or go to jail?

  • NAFTA Refugee

    Why isn’t this man in prison? Which corrupt government official (besides this one) is not investigating this crime?

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