Sen. Ferrioli: Winners of Worst 2007 Bills

From State Senator Ted Ferrioli’s office 7-23-07, announcing results from survey of the Session’s worst legislation:

– Extend marriage-like benefits and special legal status to same-sex couples
– The Repeal of Measure 37
– A bill to steal gift card balances, proving there is no such thing as too deep into taxpayer pockets.
– Over one hundred new tax and fee increase prooposals.
– Efforts to repeal the voter-approved double majority requirement on tax measures.
– The bill to allow ex-prostitutes to teach in Oregon schools.
– Attempts to attack crisis pregnancy centers.
– Defining the size of pen farmers can use to raise pigs.

Thank you to all who responded to our Worst Bill of the Session survey! Over 130 admonitions filled our in-box, and it was a messy job sorting through it all. Some of you even answered our query for bad bills with the simple response, “All of them!” Like us, you found plenty over which to hold your nose.

A recurring theme surfaced in the top three vote getters, as respondents repeatedly asked the question, “Why won’t legislators listen to us?” Today we bring you the winner by votes cast, the runner-up and a few honorable mentions.

A landslide victory for Worst of the Session goes to the bill that extend marriage-like benefits and special legal status to same-sex couples. From the numerous responses we received, it is clear there is little patience for Governor Kulongoski and legislative Democrats trumping voters’ will. Voters spoke, and their wishes should be followed rather than ignored.

The runner-up for Worst of the Session goes to a bill under the same “˜will of the voters’ theme. Again, Governor Kulongoski and legislative Democrats decided they knew better than voters as they wrote their repeal of Measure 37, Oregon’s property rights measure. Readers were obviously displeased with the blind eye shown to their vote.