73 doctors fault OHSU for botching Hamas attack statement

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Roughly 73 doctors at OHSU have been upset at their organization for sending out statements on the Hamas attacks that miss the mark for the tragedy that it is.

The Willamette Week reports, “We know many members of the OHSU community are deeply impacted by the unthinkable violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip over the last several days,” the message, obtained by WW, said. “As a proud multi-cultural community, committed to building an equitable environment free of hate and prejudice, and improving the health and well-being of all people, we mourn the loss of innocent Israeli and Palestinian lives, hope for a peaceful resolution for those taken hostage by Hamas, and stand in support of our Jewish and Muslim communities and all those impacted by these events.”For some OHSU staff, the message was too timid in its treatment of Hamas and demonstrated a shallow understanding of Israeli suffering… others began drafting their open letter.“The emailed statement does not describe Hamas as a terrorist organization, nor does it address anti-Semitism as the root of such terrorism,” the open letter, also obtained by WW, says. “The OHSU statement does NOTHING to acknowledge the pain we are all experiencing as American Jews today, whether or not we have loved ones killed or injured in Israel.”The 73 doctors who have signed the letter so far asked OHSU to “revise its statement and issue a statement that provides meaningful, necessary, and tangible support to the Jewish members of the OHSU community and of the communities it serves. Words matter.” (read more)

Lars Larson spoke on how Multnomah County flubbed a statement on Hamas Attack; “Commissioner Lori Stegman refused to support Israel without also supporting the terrorists: (quote) “…it would be tone deaf not to acknowledge community members who are Palestinian… “Stegman apparently thinks memorializing the 12 hundred who died in a terrorist attack would not be complete without honoring the terrorists who did the deed.Commissioner Susheela Jayapal doubled down on that notion: (quote) ”I don’t think I can acknowledge loss of one group when there are Palestinian lives being lost as well.”Yes, the people of Gaza, who elected the Hamas terrorist organization as the majority party in the Palestinian Parliament…the Palestinians who cheered as the terrorists paraded bodies and hostages through the streets of Gaza.”

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