Oregon Presidential Straw poll results

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

We are tired of Oregon being left out.

Our Presidential Primary is among the last in the nation among states, and therefore our voice is ignored.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon has been reviving our voice by conducting the State’s largest Presidential straw poll (unscientific but insightful).  Over 500 conservative Oregonians who care about lower taxes were sampled and have responded.

It shows former President Donald Trump in the commanding lead with 53%. Roughly 15% were undecided. Runner ups were DeSantis at 13% and Nikki Haley at 6%.

Here is how the candidates have changed since we asked back in Feb-April earlier this year.

Note: Vivek made his surprise announcement at this time and was not on the earlier straw poll ballot. All significant presidential candidates of all parties were presented including Independent, Green Party.

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