Portland’s oldest sports bar closes. Crime and taxes.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Portland’s oldest sports bar, Claudia’s Sports Pub in Southeast Portland’s Hawthorne neighborhood, is another casualty of the city’s rising crime problems.  Claudia’s opened in 1958 and was operated by the Spathas family ever since.  But on October 9th it was their last call and they closed their doors for good.

The owner of Claudia’s said he decided to throw in the towel because of crime, the rising costs of running a bar, and tax increases. A triple whammy.

It must be remembered that during the pandemic when small businesses were hurting, local politicians …

– raised income taxes
– raised business taxes
– raised property taxes
– raised gas taxes
– raised phone taxes
– raised the minimum wage
– Defunded police
– kept businesses Covid closed/under restrictions longer that 45 other states

As stated, this was all during the pandemic.

We recently reported on the closing of JaCiva’s chocolate shop which was also along the same street as Claudia’s.

It is so sad that Portlanders are losing many of their favorite businesses due to crime, vandalism and rising costs.

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