(photo) Driver nearly hits parade watchers

KGW-TV reports that new court video evidence from a dashcam shows how suspect Sidney Mecham, 42, almost plowed into Rose Festival pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Watch this video first,

Then new dash cam video released this week

Fox News Reports,“Mecham has a lengthy criminal history that includes traffic violations and sex crimes, according to KOIN. Portland Police Bureau spokesperson David Baer confirmed to the local outlet that Mecham is a registered sex offender, and court documents indicate that his first sex-related charges go back to 1996 in Multnomah County.”

He also is being charged with evading police, no insurance and unlawful possession of a firearm.

This is happenign in Portland where

– Portland stopped enforcing minor traffic violations in the name of equity
– Portland defunded police by 100
– Liberal DA lets petty crimes go unpunished