This fake headline is quite true (Babylon Bee)

Taxpayers Association of Oregon,

Gen Z and Millennials are shunning trade jobs which, in the middle of a labor shortage era, has caused trade jobs like plumbers to spike in wages while traditional jobs of college graduates are seeing layoffs.  If you hired a plumber lately you know.

Right now sociology and environmental studies are top degree choices by the next generation, but the job choices may not be in abundance when they graduate.

Fascinating trend.

Here is the news satire comedy site Babylon Bee on their headline “A college graduate with a very expensive Master’s degree in Ancient Sumerian Poetry wrote a massive check to a plumber this week, prompting him to question every decision he’s made in his adult life.”I think I may have chosen the wrong profession in life,” Matt Jones told reporters while sending a Venmo payment for $800 in exchange for 30 minutes of plumbing work. “Ancient Sumerian Poetry jobs just don’t pay like this.”Jones said he still believes going to college was a good decision because every one of his friends also went to college at the same time, and it was a fun four years. But writing check after check to tradesmen who spent six months shadowing a professional and then started making 6-figure salaries at 22 has got him wondering if he’s made any good decisions since about the age of 18.”