6 masked men enter NW school, beat students

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Up in Washington at Auburn Riverside School, 6 masked men entered the school and began randomly beating other students.  One was armed with a BB gun.  This fight incident follows a major fight incident just a few days ago.

The masked men are believed to be former students.

A student opened the side door to let the masked men in.

Oregon, fresh from their own school fight controversy, should learn from this incident.

Here is the official re-cap from the School:

Dear Auburn Riverside High School Families:

I want to let you know about two related incidents that happened at school today.

At about 10:30 a.m., a fight broke out between four students. The students who were involved in the fight were removed from campus. Unfortunately, after school, a few of these students came back on campus with a couple of non-students, and another fight occurred. This fight was related to the earlier incident. A school resource officer, Auburn Police Department (APD), school administrators, and the fire department responded to the fight. One student who was being cared for by the fire department was discovered to have a BB gun in their possession.

We appreciate our partnership with the APD. We know it can be concerning when there is additional police presence on campus.

We have had a number of families contact us already with video of the incident, or other information. We appreciate the outreach.

Safety is our top priority and I wanted you to go into this weekend having accurate information.”

[Also this announcement]

“Dear Auburn Riverside High School Families:

I want you to have accurate information about an incident that occurred on our campus today.

As you are aware, all outside doors of the school are locked during the school day. At about 1:00 p.m., we had six individuals, who were wearing masks, be let into the school through a side door by a student. This student thought they were supposed to be on campus, so the student opened the door. Unfortunately, these six individuals were not supposed to be on campus.

The individuals began running down the hall randomly hitting students. When quickly confronted by school administrators, they ran outside. I made the decision, after discussion with district administration and security, to put the school in a “secure and teach” mode from 1:00 p.m. until the end of the school day.

“Secure and teach” is used when schools shut and lock exterior and interior doors, limit hall passes and do not move from period to period. This gives the school more control on who is coming and going through the many entrance/exit points in the building. As a precaution, we also had a police presence from 2:00 p.m. until the buses left.

I wanted you to know our next steps for the week. Tomorrow and Wednesday, we will continue to have an increased police presence, increased school supervision, and a school resource officer on campus. We are working closely with APD to identify the individuals who came on campus today. Please remember the district also has an anonymous Safe Schools tip line to report any type of concern.

We know these incidents are concerning and holding these individuals accountable and keeping students and staff safe is our highest priority.”

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