Second arrest in school fight video. (5 updates)

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

This is an update to the multiple school fight videos from Hazelbrook Middle School in Tualatin.

• The youth who made the initial shooting threat directed at the Hazelbrook Middle School has been identified and arrested.   This means both the person behind the first attack video has been arrested and the person behind the bomb threat have been arrested.

• A second threat came later (more detailed), which closed down the school, and has been unidentified.

• The second death threat is believed by the FBI to have come from outside the United States.

• Two narratives are coming from the school.  OPB features a teacher who says the violent culture exists because the school isn’t doing enough to promote inclusivity and progressive programs.   This in contrast to a teacher who says such programs are diverting school attention to student “feelings” and making the school less apt to punish students for misbehaving which create lawlessness.

• The first attack video occurred after school, where students were allowed to use their cell-phones.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon will keep readers posted on the latest developments on the Hazelbrook Middle School news.

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