Bridge lights: From support Israel to support everybody

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

When America was hit by the terrorist attack on 9/11 the world overflowed with support to America.

The greatest terror attack in the world since 9/11 has been the slaughter upon Israel which killed 1,300 people.

Now we can’t seem to return the favor in time of Israel’s greatest need, least we offend the political Left which acts like the most often offended people on earth.

Multnomah County had a resolution to light the Morrison Bridge Blue and White to honor the victims of the Hamas attack on Israel.  The motion failed to pass.  The County Chair decided to use her executive power to do a few days of blue and white lights and then just white only to honor everybody in the conflict and to celebrate peace.

The victims of terrorism are marginalized and the code of human decency upon human death is not applied if the extreme political Left does not politically approve of the nation being slaughtered.  There are civilians dying on the both sides of the Ukraine war in border skirmishes, should the Ukraine flags flown by liberals also come down in America?

Remember, the Palestinians who are dying are dying, in part, because of the action of Hamas.  As the Wall Street Journal notes, “Hamas has ordered Gazans not to flee, and its leaders hide weapons in hospitals, schools and mosques.Israel built bomb shelters for its citizens. Hamas built a network of tunnels for its combatants but keeps its civilians above ground, where they can be used as human shields or casualties showcased on TV. It’s not too much to say that Hamas wants Palestinian casualties to stir an uprising on the West Bank and turn world opinion against the Jewish state.Yet the United Nations and others criticize Israel more than they do Hamas.”   Additionally, when Israel alerts Palestinian civilian cell-phones within a radius of a pending missile attack upon a military target of building that houses civilians, Hamas instructs residents within the building to ignore the cell-phone alert and explain that it is fake — thus sealing their own women and children to their deaths. Hamas has in their own 1988 charter a clause that calls for the destruction of Israel.

The Israel attack victims deserve their special moment of mourning and recognition.

The Palestinians deserve a true accounting of who is responsible and who is standing in the way of peace.

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