Keith Olbermann to Save Current TV

Superstar Keith Olbermann will save Al Gore’s Current TV, which draws just 25,000 viewers nightly. Olbermann, the powerful liberal news anchor, should be able to reach a much larger audience, providing the viewers needed for Current TV to get its earth-saving message out to the masses. Olbermann, a man whose show on MSNBC brought in an audience of one million, is a force to be reckoned with. His unique style, independence, bravado, and poise will be sure to attract new, young viewers to Current TV.

Although Current TV is not available in very many households, that is expected to change as the viewers demand access to Keith and his yet-to-be-named show. Al Gore has struck gold with this addition to Current TV. Now topics the mainstream media simply glosses over, such as global warming, recycling, electric vehicles, wind energy, alternative low-impact lifestyles, freegans, and the unfilled promise of liberal politics will all enjoy a strong platform with in-depth, unbiased, full-on reporting the likes of which is seldom, if ever, seen on the four big networks.

We wish Keith all the success in the world. The very world Current TV is working so hard to save.