Embracing Hatred and Bigotry

Harbi Elabed was born on July 24, 1976. She is Palestinian and Muslim. She could have been born in the slums of Gaza City but she was not. She was born in the United States with all of the medical care and aid available to virtually every American. She could have been subject to the crushing poverty of Hamas City and the dangers stemming from the arbitrary and ruthless thugs of the Hamas terrorist group where every day is a struggle to find enough food and water to subsist for another day – where you lived in fear of being kidnapped, beaten, raped and even murdered. But she was not; instead she was raised in the suburbs of Detroit and Dearborn, Michigan. She could have been a stranger in a strange land, but she was not. Nearly forty-five percent of Dearborn is Muslim and represent some of the largest populations of Palestinians, Yemeni, and Jordanians. She could have been forced to endure the mind numbing propaganda of the Hamas madrassas where she would be taught to hate – to hate everyone and most particularly the Jews of Israel and the citizens of the United States. But she was not; instead she was educated in the public schools of the Detroit/Dearborn suburbs and eventually on to Wayne State University and then Harvard Law School. The hate she would have learned in the Hamas madrassas was taught to her at home, reinforced in her communities and polished at Harvard.

Ms. Elabed could have taken her Harvard law degree and ventured out into the business world where a Harvard education is a prized offering to employers. But she didn’t; instead she made a fast turn to public and non-profit employment (both funded by taxpayer dollars). And became a “community leader” winding up as a Member of Congress representing the 12th District centered primarily in Dearborn. Public employment allowed her to spread the filth of her hatred of Jews across the Michigan landscape and eventually the United States Congress.

Had Ms. Elabed suffered the cruelty of Hamas City, the scourge of the brutal Hamas authority, the fear of beatings, rape, and imprisonment – even death – one could sympathize with her life – perhaps understand that deep and bitter hatred. But Ms. Elabed did not. She grew up to become Rashida Elabed Tlaib (D-MI) – a hater, a bigot and an inciter to violence for those who share her jaded beliefs.

When you hear Ms. Tlaib flail and cry on the floor of the United States House of Representatives for the suffering of the soldiers of Hamas and the innocents they repress, that they use for human shields, understand that it stems not from concern but from hatred – from bigotry – from the dregs of human nature.

If there was a Hall of Shame for racists, bigots and other zealots, Ms. Tlaib would occupy a place of prominence.