Lars Larson: The “disinformation” tricks continue

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Joe Biden’s idea for a “Ministry of Truth” died quickly.

It proposed an agency that combats “misinformation” by separating truth from fiction on social media.

Because that worked out so very well in the 2020 election as the government decided American voters didn’t really need to hear about Hunter Biden’s laptop computer. The one with that damning information about Joe Biden.

So the FBI killed the “Laptop from Hell” by lying about it.

Voters only learned about it AFTER the election.

Now, like a Halloween zombie, a new Ministry of Truth has crawled out of its shallow grave here in the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon’s Secretary of State signed a contract for new spying software for Mis, dis and mal-information.

MDM promises to monitor social media and if we citizens say the wrong things…like expressing skepticism about elections, and then the state government shuts down that 1st Amendment free speech…protecting those in Power.

Straight from the Secretary of State who replaced her corrupt predecessor, who got caught taking stacks of cash from the pot business.

Who works with corrupt Governor Tina Kotek, elected with half a million dollars in illegal campaign contributions, arranged in part by corrupt U.S. Senator Ron Wyden.

Yep, those are the folks who get to decide which information you see…and the stuff you don’t.

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