Lawmakers advance bill to increase pay

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Senate Committee on Rules voted out a bill to increase lawmaker pay.  It would be a measure referred to voters to create a public commission to set lawmaker salaries and possibly other state officials.

SJR 34-2 states, “Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to establish Independent Public Service Compensation Commission. Provides that specified individuals are ineligible for membership on commission. Directs commission to establish salaries for specified public officials. Provides that moneys sufficient to pay for salaries are appropriated from General Fund upon commission’s adoption of its determinations. Refers proposed amendment to people for their approval or rejection at next regular general election.”

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon generally supports increasing State Legislative salaries so that ordinary citizens can run for office and meet the demands of a job that consumers a minimum 60 hours a week of your life.  Many lawmakers in power right now, clearly make their own case against any increase with the way they have made Oregon among the top 5 biggest, fattest, most wasteful and most expensive State Governments in America (per-capita).

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