Small town seeks to abolish term limits. No on 15-219.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

No on 15-219

Rogue River is trying to abolish local term limits

If Rogue River politicians thought term limits were too constrictive, why didn’t they just offer a nice amendment to the law to allow for a little more time?

They instead are trying to abolish term limits forever.

The Rogue River model is based on Joe Biden where you can serve nearly your entire adult life in office.    Some politicians serve so long they actually die in office before they step down as in U.S Senator Diane Feinstein at age 90.  Oregon’s Earl Bluemnauer has served in Congress since 1996.   The politicians didn’t wait for him to retire before naming a $19 million dollar bridge after him, they did it while he was serving, which sets such a terrible example.  (by the way, they spent $19 million on the bridge and cars are not allowed on it, go figure, also the bridge was built two years late).

Term limits work.

They give voters greater choices, not fewer.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon urges a No vote on 15-219.

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