ORP denounces anti-Semitic remarks in Legislature

No Room for Anti-Semitic Sentiment in the Oregon Legislature
By Oregon Republican Party, Press Release,

Salem, OR— “The Oregon GOP unequivocally denounces the deeply troubling and anti-Semitic comments made by State Representative Farrah Chaichi, HD-35, from her official legislative office. Representative Chaichi is also a self-proclaimed member of the Democrat Socialist of America (DSA). The DSA is a hate group that has rallied, supported, and openly glorified Hamas and their genocidal terrorist attacks against Israel and the Jewish people.

We implore the entire Oregon Legislative body and the Democrat Party of Oregon to stand with us in condemning her statement and the DSA in the strongest manner possible. The First Amendment is a protected right, but there can now be no confidence in her ability to fairly assess any bill that comes before her without a bias toward people of Jewish heritage or faith. At the very least, she should be removed from all committee assignments, until action can be taken for the legislative body to consider her expulsion. We believe it is essential for her to extend a sincere apology to her Jewish constituents, who have been harmed by her comments.

Israel remains a highly valued American ally, possessing the inherent right as a sovereign nation to defend itself against the existential threats posed by terrorists, by safeguarding its sovereignty and the well-being of its citizens. We stand with our Jewish neighbors in solidarity throughout Oregon and across the globe.”