Secretary of State infringes on 1st Amendment

Oregon Secretary of State’s Infringement on the First Amendment
Oregon Republican party,
Press Release

Salem, OR—The Secretary of State has recently signed a contract with a UK based company, Logically Intelligence, to monitor and infringe upon Oregonian’s protected right to free speech through an AI based technology. This contract was enacted without public notice, input or oversight.

Let it be known that the ORP strongly denounces the move by the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division to contract with a foreign company to limit the constitutional rights of the American citizenry.

We are petitioning the SOS to void this contract and dismiss this project. Join us in standing against these unconstitutional acts of our state government by bringing attention to this conduct in your sphere of influence.

Let the SOS know you oppose this infringement of your rights by contacting Phillip Andrews at the Oregon Elections Division and
the Secretary of State respectively at:

• 971-600-6269
[email protected]
[email protected]

The Oregon Republican Party