Rep. Post champions Sudafed Rx Repeal

Representative Bill Post Testifies In Favor Of “Sudafed Rx Repeal”

State Representative Bill Post,

State Representative Bill Post (R-Keizer) testified before the House Health Care Committee in favor of House Bill 2128, which would make it easier to access certain medicines, like Sudafed, that have been proven as effective remedies for certain cold and flu like symptoms. In presenting the proposal, Representative Post argued that Oregon’s current law requiring adults to obtain a prescription in order to use pseudoephedrine is overly restrictive and has not solved the problem the law was originally intended to solve.Representative Post’s testimony before the House Health Care Committee can be viewed at the following link:

You Can Read House Bill 2128

Here is the bill Summary for House Bill 2128

“Deletes requirement that pseudoephedrine be classified as Schedule III controlled substance. Directs State Board of Pharmacy to adopt rules for dispensing pseudoephedrine. Requires rules to be consistent with provisions of federal Controlled Substances Act that are related to dispensing of pseudoephedrine and federal regulations that implement those provisions. Punishes violation of rules by five years’ imprisonment, $125,000 fine, or both. Becomes operative January 1, 2018. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.”

For more information contact State Representative Bill Post at his Legislative website Bill Post

  • Bob Clark

    I believe this would be good for me. I get an occasional day long migraine. I used to be able to take NyQuil which contained Sudafed, and it would dull the migraine and let me become functional after three or four hours, not to mention mute the head pain. But this changed after Sudafed was replaced by supposedly comparable ingredient, only the replacement ingredients didn’t help much with my migraines. This is what I believe.
    So, I sure would be grateful if NyQuil went back to having Sudafed ingredient, even if I have to sign for it over-the-counter.

  • Oregon Engineer

    A small step in the right direction to allowing individuals to choose what they ingest or consume. There should be no restrictions. Should not be any more regulated then marijuana. As soon as pseudoephedrine was outlawed the outlaws found something that worked just as good. Innovation is good. we now have cleaner and cheaper drugs.

  • Granola girl

    I have taken Sudafed for years to ward off sinus infections. It is such a pain to call in to the doctor, wait for them to call the pharmacy, and pick up 5 days later when my sinus infection is in full bloom. The quicker route is to drive to Vancouver, buy a box of 90 tablets, present my drivers license, and be on my merry way. If I were to try and purchase more within 30 days, the system would red flag me, and I could not make the purchase. The system is used statewide to prevent people from going to every pharmacy in the state. Seems to work well for Washington….

    • Oregon Engineer

      aren’t at least semi free markets wonderful. you can purchase what you want when you want it without government interference. a word of caution if you get caught smuggling sudafed into the state you might be a criminal.