Leftists threaten election officials. (push no voting)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Georgia, Oregon and Washington election officials have all received some forms of threats over the past few weeks.

A letter, post-marked from Portland, read “Stop giving power to the right that they don’t have.   We are in charge now and there is no more need for them.” and it included the three arrows symbol (Leftist antifascists/Antifa).  At least one letter had powder.

OPB reports, “Authorities in Lane County, Oregon, were investigating a piece of mail that arrived at the local election office Wednesday. No one who came in contact with it had experienced any negative health effects, said Devon Ashbridge, spokeswoman for the Lane County Elections Office in Eugene.”  

The Georgia Secretary of State called this an act of terrorism.  Employees have been given access to a detox drug in case of poisoning.

Is this the work of anarchists or imposters?  This is yet unknown, but what we do know, in fact, is that anarchist have a history of opposing elections and voting.

For instance, this photo (obtained by the Taxpayers Association of Oregon) from this summer in Athens, Greece during their elections shows an anarchist flyer calling for people to burn the ballot boxes.  In 2019, Greek anarchists actually burned ballot boxes.


Last year, anti-voting vandalism was left on a veteran memorial in Portland (photo by Taxpayers Association of Oregon, 2022).

Also in Portland.

Here is a booklet “Abolish All Mayors!” passed out during the Portland riots, that explains why we do not need government, elections, mayors or police.  Anarchist advocate for micro-band of interested parties.   Their flyer had a photo of Portland City hall with a smashed window to make their point.


We need to protect our election workers from all forms of terrorism, threats and political harassment from anyone, anywhere, any political persuasion.


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