My neighborhood blocked. Armed suicidal man standoff

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A long set of city blocks has been blocked off near our office for the past 6 hours … and is still going.  Police confront an armed suicidal man in his apartment.

*** 11/17 update   ***

The man, aged 67, killed himself.  He was being approached by police to serve an arrest warrant. The man put a gun to his head which began the all-day stand off.

Another Oregon crime story, as this one hits close to home, is it a symbol of what many Oregonians face.

Our compliments to the City of Beaverton who will always respond with a heavy show of force.  One time there was a fight amongst minors nearby and 11 police vehicles showed up.   That is a difference that strong policing can make.   It is also a reminder of what our police have to deal with on a regular basis.   Trying to get someone not to kill themselves in a 6-hour stand-off is part of their job description.