City debates “Rain Tax”, leaf blower ban

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Portland is debating two hotly debated issues that may be coming to your town.

•  One issue is that Portland is considering banning gas-powered leaf blowers as a way to fight global warming.  There are nearly 100 such leaf blower bans across the nation.  For a while Portland had a leaf-tax for removing leaves, until it was rescinded.  Now Portland is eyeing another cost to removing leaves by mandating tens of thousands of homeowners and landscapers to purchase an electric leaf blower.

• Another issue is about expanding sewer rates for the rain that falls on our roof and then goes into stormwater drains.  Portland may be expanding this for floating homes on the river, thus making it a “rain tax” because the tax is on the rain and not the sewer (as the water goes directly into the river).   The City says these homeowners, nearly 1,000 people effected, are paying for city pollution control caused by the house when rain hits the house and goes into the river.  Yet, homeowners can’t any study or proof that this is true.   KOIN-TV has more.

Portland has a long history of raising water rates and using the funds on non-water related projects.  Portlanders saw their sewer rates jump 83% in a decade with some of the funds going to pay for a fancy office for a parade festival.  Now the city is looking at non-water related issues to raise the water rates to pay for non-water related causes.  It looks like a cash grab.