Lars Larson: James Cameron, the simple life “hypocrite”

I have a simple little message about the simple life for the not-so-simple Hollywood director James Cameron.

I got the chance to talk to my friend Phelim McAleer, who is making political activist documentaries and films. He has a new one called “James Cameron the Hypocrite”. You know Cameron, the big Hollywood film director. He’s made tons and tons of money on the basis of his talent and skill as Phelim McAleer points out.

But, what he’s also done is given a million dollars to oppose a ballot measure in California. The measure would overturn California’s ridiculous anti-global warming law that will wipe out a lot of jobs and a lot of people wealth. James Cameron wants to stop that ballot measure.

He says all of us should live more simply, that we should live on less, that we should reduce our life style. But, he’s not reducing his lifestyle, and he lives like a big time Hollywood movie director.

If you want us to do it James, you should do it too.

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