Rep. Reschke: Measure 110 disaster. Steps to repeal

By Oregon State Representative E.Werner Reschke,

Measure 110: Failure

After three years of Oregon’s experiment with Measure 110’s decriminalization & spending plan, the results are in: FAILURE. While the intent to help people who are addicted may be noble, there is NOTHING in Measure 110 that has worked as promised.

Two elements that have made Measure 110 a failure:

1. Decriminalization of hard, street drugs
2. Voluntary Treatment Only

Two elements that must part of ANY plan going forward:

1. Re-criminialization of hard, street drugs
2. Mandatory Treatment

Without these two elements, any “fix” or “reform” to Measure 110 will end up in failure, again. Oregonians cannot afford a new plan that continues to miss the mark.

REPEAL Measure 110 Now

Measure 110 has been such a failure, the first step must be to Repeal Measure 110. Any remaining remnant of Measure 110 will mean more failure in the future.

To help with this effort, I have sent along some graphics you can use to promote via social media or send along to friends and family through email. WE MUST START WITH REPEAL.

I am leading this effort. In early October I was the first legislator to urge the Governor to call a Special Session solely to Repeal Measure 110. Anything short of a REPEAL will mean Measure 110 policy failures continue.