Teacher to deny student help if they don’t support strike!

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


A Grant High School teacher plans to deny students a letter of recommendation if they do not support the strike.  See Andy Ngo’s expose on this:

Here is another distrubing thing about the strike:

Adding 15-min. to school day? (to fix strike lost days)

“The Portland teacher strike is now in its third week, stranding more than 45,000 students. To make up for a lot of lost school days, one plan is to add 15-minutes to each school day. OPB reports, “Oregon law requires students in kindergarten through eighth grade to be in school for at least 900 hours of instructional time for the school year. For high school students in grades 9-11, the requirement is slightly higher — 990 hours for the school year. For seniors, it’s 966 hours. Missing 10 school days makes hitting those hour totals a lot harder, and that’s not even counting the possibility of the strike lasting even longer or winter weather closing school even more. Will Portland Public Schools restore the instructional time lost during the strike?…“One of our proposals is to lengthen the student day by 15 minutes,” Bonilla offered. “We have longer days which will add hours.  Another rumor by an insider said they might even try to add 8-minutes to the average school day to make up for the last It doesn’t work like that.”

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