Lars Larson: Biden’s EV mandate falls apart

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host,

The wheels are coming off Joe Biden’s plan to force electric vehicles on skeptical citizens.

That’s bad news for a guy facing an election 11 months from now that polls predict he’ll lose in a landslide.

Biden pushed Congress to shovel out more than 7 billion to build electric car chargers across America.

Two years later, not a single charger has been built.

Then, consider the revolt underway in America’s auto industry.

The companies admit they lose tens of thousands on every single one of the E-cars they make.

So, battery buggies pile up on car lots and showrooms.

Now, 3-thousand dealers have signed a letter to Biden, demanding he back off his bogus battery plans.

Ford Motor demanded dealers go all in and commit hundreds of millions of dollars to put e-cars on their lots.

400- of those dealers just told Ford they’re dropping out because customers aren’t buying it.

You have to wonder what Joe’s buddies in Beijing…you know, the ones who pumped tens of millions into the Biden Crime Family…will do when the President has to back down on his plans to turn our energy and transportation future over to his Chinese masters.
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