Hamas breaks Sen. Merkley’s (spurious) ceasefire. Rockets fly.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Within weeks of the greatest massacre of Jews since the holocaust and one of the deadliest terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley demanded that Israel stop fighting their attackers, stop disarming their invaders and stop rescuing hostages and instead engage in a rashly called ceasefire.   This ceasefire, invoked by other liberals, was put into effect.

Despite universal recognition that the ceasefire overwhelmingly benefits Hamas, it was Hamas that quickly broke the ceasefire by launching rockets into Israel.    Also, Hamas initiated supporters within Israel began killing civilians in public.

We now learn that Hamas abused hostages, some were even branded.

Hamas tunnels shows that their military is stockpiling humanitarian aid that is stolen from their own Palestinian people.

By Sen. Merkley and others calling for a ceasefire at the same time Biden directs $100 million in immediate aid to Hamas controlled Gazan government, we have a scenario where Israel is handcuffed from clearing the terrorist-run tunnels while the United States/U.N. fills the tunnels with supplies.

One Hamas official spoke openly on TV about no regrets over October 7th and that a war, bigger than October 7th, is coming soon.


On the same week that it made front page news that Hamas is trying to delay for time was the same week that Sen. Merkley called for a ceasefire delay.

Hamas is openly trying to destroy Israel and liberal politicians in Oregon and elsewhere are trying to tie the hands of Israel from protecting itself and removing the threat.

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