Protesters get tree lighting (CA), Hanukkah (VA) events canceled

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Anti-Israel protesters have successfully canceled two events including a 92-year old California Christmas celebration.

Fox News reports, “California Gov. Gavin Newsom has canceled the public capitol’s annual Christmas tree lighting, instead opting to host a virtual event amid planned pro-Palestinian protests, according to a report.According to KCRA, Wednesday’s 92nd Annual California State Capitol Tree Lighting was initially expected to be an in-person event in Sacramento, but a decision was made to make the event virtual because of planned protests.”

ABC Reports, “Virginia political leaders, including Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin, on Monday condemned the reported cancellation of a menorah lighting at a community event in Williamsburg over apparent concerns related to the Israel-Hamas war.The criticism from Youngkin and members of the General Assembly from both parties came after the Virginia Gazette reported over the weekend that the ceremony, which had been scheduled for a monthly art and musical festival happening Dec. 10, had been canceled.Shirley Vermillion, the festival’s founder, told the newspaper that the menorah lighting “seemed very inappropriate” in light of the conflict.”

In Portland, protesters disrupted the City holiday tree lighting ceremony.


And called to shut the City down


Canceling a Jewish holiday celebration only adds to the troubles being heaped upon them.

Here is the Oregonian headline this morning.


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