‘Fake School Days’ to cover strike loss

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Portland teacher strike stranded 40,000+ students for 11 days.  By state law, those 11 days must be made up.

At first, the teacher’s union tried to add 15-minutes to each school day to fabricate 11 lost school days spread like thin butter over the entire year.

That failed.

So next, it was decided that the winter break week before Christmas would be chopped off and turned into an official school week.

Then the School District turned that week into scheduled (fake) school week but made it voluntary if the student says they plan to be on vacation.

OPB reports, “Any absence will be excused, although we do ask that you report them in advance through ParentVue,” Proctor’s message said. Among the acceptable reasons for missing school in the month of December is “vacation.” … a school day meets the state standard of instruction if the time is “scheduled” for that purpose — regardless of how many students show up, or why they’re absent.”

By creating this “Fake School Days” week, the district has effectively sabotaged a week of school.   No teacher is going to force classwork on a near-empty class.

The school district has recently been faulted on a host of issues for failing their students.

Nearly 66% of students who needed reading help during the strike were ignored and not helped.

At one school, students were offered Google laptop computers to help them learn during the strike.  Teachers pressured students/parents to reject the laptops (and forgo learning) as a sign of solidarity of the teacher strike.

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